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Moller International

What can we do for you?

Moller International is a family owned business acting as supplier of technical designs and technical solutions within forgings, castings, hot pressings, tungsten carbide wear resistant components, cutting knives for heavy duty usage, electrical and hydraulics linear movements, industrial hand tools, bolts and nuts for power solutions, large scale scaffolding constructions – all dedicated the OE industries. We cooperate closely with leading manufacturers worldwide. Our team of skilled and highly motivated engineers are ready to assist your business future inventions.

International networking in 2020

International virtual networking in 2020

Moller International is a strong supporter of international exhibitions, to network, expand business contacts and identify new trends.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we have had to adjust our plans to attend a series of international events in 2020.

Moller International is currently not in a position to commit to such exhibitions in the traditional format.

Instead we are planning to attend a series of virtual events held online which are:

The Virtual Grassland show, 20th May 2020

Cerals Live 2020  10th and 11th June 2020 

DLG Feldtage digital 8th – 10th June 2020

Eima Digital Preview 11-15th November 2020

Please look out for us at these virtual events. 

We use LinkedIn to interact with our business contacts. Please contact us via this platform.


Moller International at international exhibitions presence in 2021

Lamma 21, 12-13th January, Birmingham, UK

EIMA International, Bologna, Italy, 3-7th February, 2021

SIMA 21-25th, Paris, France, February 2021

Agritechnica, Hanover, Germany, 14th -20th November, 2021